One of the things that keeps me coming into work every day is the fact that I am constantly learning here at Citrograph Printing Co. Recently I learned a lesson about edges that crack on the folds of greeting cards. This is a common problem when printing and most often happens when printing digitally. Sometimes it can’t be fixed, in this case there was a solution.

Greeting Cards

I printed these beautiful greeting cards for Eat Healthy Designs on our Xerox XC75 digital color press on a 120# digital silk cover paper. This is one of my favorite papers to use because the images come out amazing. So I was a bit shocked when Eat Healthy Designs brought them back to show us the ugly cracked edges. Normally a problem like that would have been caught before getting out the front door, but this one made it past inspection, plus there had never been a problem with this paper cracking before. When I took a closer look I couldn’t believe that this had happened. First that the paper had cracked and second that it made it out of the shop like that. Some cards were worse than others but certainly not up to standards.

This was very puzzling because I had printed these before on the same paper, same machine and the edge did not crack at all. Even with print on the fold there was not one problem with cracking. So what happened? Well I ran some test sheets, Bill scored and folded them and found out something interesting. One side of the paper takes folding better than the other. So I flipped the paper, re-printed all of the cards and Bill set to scoring and folding. The end result was some perfectly clean folded cards, not a crack in sight. The folks at Eat Healthy Designs came in to pick them up and were very happy with the replacement cards.


Written by zach