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Promotional Products Build Brand Awareness

Promotional products need to be a key part of every brand awareness campaign. The average cost of promotional products is a fraction of a penny per impression. That is the best return on investment of any marketing material.

Promotional Products are Held On To

Promotional products have a longevity that is hard to equal in other forms of advertising without constantly spending more money. A one time investment into a promotional product will be kept by it's original owner for an average of over 7 months, with some products averaging a whole year! In many cases promotional products are passed along from one person to another, creating more brand awareness. We had a client who shared with us that he found someone using one of the pens that he purchased in a completely different state, while he was traveling on family trip.

We have a client who shared with us that he saw someone using his promotional pen in a completely different state, while he was traveling on family trip.

Promotional Products Create Conversions

Owners of promotional products remember the name of the company that is on the product they have. Since every individual buys at a different time that is right for them. It is more important than ever to stay at the top of a potential customers mind. More than one third of promotional product recipients say they are more likely to do business with the advertiser that gave them the product. A favorable view is created when a consumer is given a promotional product, which leads to more conversions for the advertiser. One product in particular creates a more favorable view of the advertiser in 63% of the owners of those products. What is it?

Members of Advertising Specialty Institute

Citrograph is a member of Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) which allows access to over 3,000 suppliers and an unlimited number of products and possibilities. If it’s a t-shirt, mug, or desk accessory that you are looking for we can find the perfect product for your promotion or event. For our current customers, we already have your artwork on file, so we can easily modify it to work with the promotional product of your choice. If you are a new customer, we can work with your supplied artwork, or create something new for you. With our expertise in promotional advertising products, Citrograph is your one-stop shop for both printing and promotional needs.

Promotional Products By Industry

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Health Care
We have a huge selection of health care products to choose from.
Universities and Schools
Education is the heart of progress. Create awareness with promotional products selected for the education industry.
Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. The same goes for fitness brands, keep your business in motion with our hand picked promotional products.
Percentage of consumers that have a more favorable view of the advertiser